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Type: Sativa

Genetics: E32 Arcata Trainwreck clone x Mexican,x Afghani and Thai genetics

Good for: Very powerful high, confusing and trippy on the brain. Depression.

Seed CO: Greenhouse Seeds

Flowering: 55 to 70 days


TrainWreck delivers a incredible, clear and pyscodelic high. Its special without ceiling properties make it one of the most potent Sativa's for the indoor grower. Combined with a unique high Train Wreck has wonderful deep flavours of mint, pine, lemons and citrus fruits, which delight the pallete and stimulate the senses. Trainwreck is a clone that has been passed around in northern california for about the last twenty years or more. It is now exploding around the world as a clone. There is also now at least one seed version that is very near to the original. We have it here. Along with this rather fine selection of Trainwreck hybrids for your delectation.

This strong sativa really is a punch to the face with a head-concentrated high. On top of this, it doesn’t leave the body heavy and slow. At first glance this bud doesn’t look like a rock star, but you will notice nice, long hairs that are covered in crystals. The sweet skunky smell also stuns the nose. And the light green colored leaves just makes it a great bud to gaze. The high hits quickly in the face & head area and stays there for about two hours. I would also recommend some eye drops for this high, might experience some dryness or itchiness. The effects are pretty straight forward - smacks you in the face and stays there. The body isn’t really affected except for sporadic spots on the feet. Comment: It took me a while to become a fan of trainwreck, but this strain from has changed my opinion entirely. This mid-range bud sure does the trick when in search of a well-rounded sativa, it has exceeded expectations. Most people I talk to always comment on Trainwreck being one of their favorite strains. After trying this outdoor Trainwreck, I can definitely agree with them! This strain really does make you feel like a train hit you. Most folks think of Wreck as a Sativa but it does double duty. I received 15 Trainwreck seeds from all germinated producing 11 female plants. I found Trainwreck is excellent for pain, particularly the chronic pain of back disorders, arthritis, and neuropathy. At the compassion center in Arcata, CA, which I attened on a regular basis patients were given color coded packets that contained either Wreck, Jack Frost, or another strain that I’ve forgotten. 95% chose the Wreck. LOL, I was one of the only “judges” that picked the Jack because Train Wreck is usually to strong for me :-) Train Wreck probably should be avoided by patients who have dissociative disorders or tend to psychosis because it’s so strong. When your back aches, though, Train Wreck is just the right ticket.

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