Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Type: Hybrid (50/50)

Genetics: Blueberry X Haze


THC: 13.61%

CBD: 0.01%

TOTAL: 13.90%

Good For: Deep Daytime Pain Relief without being too sleepy

Seed CO: Riot Seeds

Flowering: 60 to 72 days

Height: Medium

Yield: Medium to Heavy


Breeders Description Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) was bred by patients for medical effects using the body high of and indica and the cerebral effects from the sativa. It’s highly effective for pain without the sedative effects of a pure indica. Patients needing effective pain relief during the day will find the effects are long lasting and will find it has a pleasant taste.

You can go straight from clone on this strain and easily pull 600 grams from a 1000 watt. Expect plants with no veg to reach a height of 3 feet in 3 gallon buckets (soil). Vegging plants for 2 weeks will pull around 900 grams per light if the plants are properly trained and a bigger 5 gallon pot is used. You can expect higher yield in hydro, and outdoors you can pull 7 pounds from one well cared for plant. She grows vigorously and is easy to grow. Perfect commercial yield and connoisseur taste. Buds look ready at 60 days. Allowing them to go 70 days will improve the quality though. Buds turn light blue late in flowering if the tempature dips.

Plants show extremely thin leaves and tend to look almost 100% sativa. A 300% stretch the first weeks of bloom tends to favor one large Kola. LST training is recommended. Buds tend to foxtail later in flower.

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